Quetrupillan Volcano Ascent

The Quetrupillan Volcano is a stratovolcano located in the Araucaria Region. It is situated between Villarrica and Lanin volcanoes, within the Villarrica National Park.

We start the hike at 1200m and reach a height of 2360m at the summit.

Up there you can enjoy the view of the whole area, especially the view of the two other volcanoes. We take the Palgiun route, which takes you through a forest, over rolling hills and up to the top of the old crater.

Up there you have enough time to rest and take pictures and after a while we will make our way back down.


  • 6:30 a.m. start from Summit Chile
  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Duration of the Activity: 8 hours Hiking
  • Price: $80.000 Chilean pesos
  • Minimum:3 people
  • Includes: Hiking Equipment, Transport, Entrance fee, excellent bilingual Guides
  • What you need to bring: food, enough water, sunscreen(important), sun glasses, 3 layers of clothing


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