Huerquehue National Park

Huerquehue (pronounced where-kay-way) National Park, an incredible area made up of 23,500 hectares of towering native trees, stunning waterfalls and serene beauty, invites you on a trek of between 4-6 hours along the “Los Lagos” circuit through this magical Patagonian alpine forest. You will hike from 780 meters above sea level to a height of 1,350 m elevation, rewarded with views of Tinquilco Lake at your feet and Villarrica Volcano in the distance. After a few hours of winding (switchbacks) and increasingly steeper paths we arrive first to Lago Chico and then on to Lago Toro and Lago Verde, three gems nestled amongst the Araucaria trees.

Come and explore this beautiful park with one of our knowledgeable guides and learn about the different native trees such as the mighty coigue and of course the Araucaria Araucana, declared a national monument in 1976, which is of grand ethno botanical importance in this area. In addition, this beauty shares the stage with condors, pumas, small marsupials and pudus (small deer) not to mention the Magellan Woodpecker, one of many bird species that can often be heard while walking through the forest.


  • Duration: 6-8 hours
  • Level of difficulty: From beginner to expert
  • For: Energetic nature loving people with some prior experience trekking
  • Season: Year round weather permitting.
  • Price: the price will vary depending on the number of people, contact us for more info (Regular tour-includes entrance fee, private guide and private transportation).
  • Min/max: 3/8