Geometricas Ski tour

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Winter Ski Tour Villarrica-Geometricas

Climb a volcano and ski down the other side to spectacular hot springs.

Description of the Program :

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to climb and ski down one of the most active volcanoes in Chile-well known Villarrica Volcano has a little known route that takes you through a spectacular Araucaria forest and ends up in the Geometricas hot springs unrivaled for its’ beauty.

Description of the Route :

Vertical Ascent: 1600 meters of elevation gain depending on whether or not the chair lift is working that day. The majority of the slope angles are between 20 to 25 grades of inclination with short sections of between  40/50 grades. The route ascends along the normal path that goes along the North Northwest side of the volcano, and finally ends at the active crater of Ruca Pillan (Mapuche name for the Volcano meaning House of the Spirits).

Vertical Descent: 1600 metros of elevation descent  & 10km in distance.  This is a descent of approx. 2000 meters and 10 km distance wise. We go down on the South Southeast side of the volcano. The descent is fast and steep for the first 400mt and then we arrive to a plateau that is long and with very little grade which makes the skiing easy and fun. We then go down the last steeps without vegetation and then gradually make our way through the Araucaria forest where we ski amongst these millenary trees. The last 400 meters of descent go through a marked trail where we both ski and hike until we get to the springs and soak in a deserved bath followed by an amazing dinner alongside the Geometric Hot Springs.

Who can join us?

This adventure is apt for those who have at least an intermediate level of skiing and are in good physical shape. In addition, a willingness to challenge your endurance while having an amazing time in the mountains is essential!

Security: We have a team of guides with vast experience. Our guides are knowledgeable in the area and are constantly training to improve their skill set. We regularly check the snowpack in order to prevent avalanche accidents and we have emergency procedures in place to respond to these situations should we need to.